And She Said To Him

If Only There Was Sulphur In Dreams

And Our World Came Tumbling After

Insects Of Love

For The Lost And Unfound

Hello & Goodbye Was What They Said

A Borrowed Tomorrow

We’re Coming Apart But Falling Together

Do Not Breathe In The Moon

To His Content & My Demise

When We Vomit Carcasses Of Unattended Thoughts

Parting From Your Wayward Heart

Across The Blue-Billowed Crevice

I Came Across A Wilting Cognition

Sleeping With A Constellation

Bonjour Said The Prince

Drowning In A Sea Of Uncertainties

Casted Into A Rippled Mentality

Nurturing A Shoveled Mind

Beyond The Black Door

Book Of Esther

Universal Imagination

Laid In A Landless Facade


A Lilac Lover

The Magenta Maiden


Oxbridge Traditions

Blood Orange

Black Sangria

How Cloudy Is An Untamed Psyche

The Circumference Of An Untamed Psyche

In The State Of A Vagabond

©  Tran Nguyen

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