The Color Of A Colorless Soul

Through A Lone, Winding Road

The Riverbed Nightingale


By The Waiting Hour

Where The Creek Stood Still

Homage & The Lone Moon

Somewhere Between Now & Then

Beneath The Curiosity Canal

Treading Through An Untrimmed Memory

Bedridden Mementos

Sleeping With Nostalgia

Taste For Bittersweet Beds

40 Rooms

Our Rooftop Remembrances

A Cornered Keepsake

A Sentimental Swallow

My Chateau

Castle & I

Leftovers Of The Evening Train


Orange Is Not Your Color

Traveling To A Distant Day

title unknown

Miranda & Caliban

Kushiel’s Dart I

Kushiel’s Dart II

Way Of Words

Our Fluttersome Ordeal

A Distressed Damsel

Living Parallel To An Infectious Pigment

Cio II


If the World Keeps Churning, Turning

When You Leave Behind A Fragmented Memory

What The World Doesn’t Know

When The World Isn’t Looking

La beauté sans vertu


title unknown

A Place Once Homed I & II

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