His Heart Is In Alaska All The Time

Untitled (Warm, Red, Salt And Wet)

That Wretched Glow


By Whatever These Pink Things Mean

For The Trees


Lady Liberty

End! Game! (Ode To The Artist’s Conception)

Golden Shower

Everything Is Going To Be Okay

title unknown

Mayflower (Que Sera, Sara)

I’m Singing A Sad Tune (And I Know I’ve Made It All A Lie)

I Was Born To Endure This Kind Of Weather

Everything Was Beautiful

Let It Go To Love It All The Way

In My Memory, And In Those Memories, She Always Sounds Like Dorothy Vallens. He Told Me I Look Like Lee Reemick , She (Marbled) And This Is It, That’s (Really) The End Of (This) Joke

So That Happend

Fresh Horses

Sudden Dawn

Red Dawn

title unknown

The Prestige

Pattern (The Indian Giver)

Oh Shatter The Mask! My Mother Is Anh Duong

Fag Limbo (after Hernan Bas)

Comfort Food


Oh Canada

Volcano (Like A Flower In A Frenzy)

I Can’t Get Out Of What I’m Into With You

Betty Sheffield Supreme!

Don’t Call Me Log Cabin

Fit To Burst (Heather Stephens As The Bird Flu)

This Is A Foreground

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