Figure With Gray Cap

Figure In Red (No. 4)

Figure With Dupatta

Figure With Beret And Eyepatch

Baroque Portrait No. 80

Figure With Red Hat And Veil

Portrait No. 516

The Dreaming


Figure With Knife

Awake In The City Of Dreadful Night

Giovane Donna con Fiasco (Young Woman With Flask)

The Ecstasy Of Oblivion

The Wine Of Absolution

The Unanswered Question

Figure With Skull

The Tin Whistler

The Lutenist

Figure With Scarf (No. 2)

Invocation (No. 2)



Confessor Condemned


Untitled Portrait

The Magician

The Sorcerer (No. 12)

Sorcerer With White Face

Figure With Skull (Vanitas)

Ritratto No. 351

Melancholia Omnia Vincet

Figure With Bird

Figure With Cloak


Ritual (No. 4)

Figure With Eyepatch

Baroque Portrait No. 220

Figure With Yellow Cap And Mask

The Cross Dresser

The Standard Bearer (No. 5)

The Crisis

Figure With Striped Cap

Figure With Striped Cap

Figure With White Cap

Dutch Portrait

Visions Of An Inquisition


La Perdida (No. 267)

Figure In Profile No. 8

Baroque Figure

(1 – to be continued)

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